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Family Revocable Living Trust

Often established to avoid the probate process, and make sure that assets go to the trust grantor (creator) intended recipients without a lengthy court process after the grantor’s death.

IRA Stretched Trust

To preserve assets from taxation, an individual can establish a trust as the beneficiary of an IRA account, which protects the beneficiaries, such as young children or adult children with special needs.

Nevada Asset Protection Trust (NAPT)

Enables the Settlor to create a trust and fund it with his or her own assets. The Settlor can also be a beneficiary of the trust. So long as the legal requirements are met, the assets inside of the trust are safe from confiscation when the Settlor when the judge slams down the mallet that results in a judgment filed against him.

Incomplete Non-Grantor Trust (NING)

A tax-planning vehicle with an unsightly name—a NING trust, short for Nevada Incomplete gift Non-Grantor trust—is more attractive now, thanks to a recent private letter ruling from the IRS. With a NING trust, you may lighten the heavy state income tax load that burdens investors in California, New York, and other high-tax states.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)

These trusts are contracts created to transfer or manage assets of an individual that the trust creator claims is not competent to manage property or other assets.

Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust (QTIP)

A Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust provides for a surviving spouse, but this trust also allows the grantor to retain control of the distribution of the trust’s assets after the death of the surviving spouse.

Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT)

This  trust transfers the grantor’s residence out of the estate, removing it from the value of the grantor’s estate as a gift.

Dynasty Trust

A dynasty trust is a long-term trusts created to pass wealth from generation to generation without incurring transfer taxes such as estate and gift tax. The dynasty trust’s defining characteristic is its term.

Generation Skipping Trust

This trust places assets in a trust designed to transfer them to a grantor’s grandchildren, rather than children, in order to avoid estate taxes that occur if the deceased’s children directly inherit the assets.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT)

This trust allows a donor to place a large gift of assets such as cash or property into a trust that pays back a fixed amount each year.  Upon the donor’s death, the remaining assets are transferred to the designated charity.

Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (CLAT)

This irrevocable trust provides an income interest to a charitable organization, while passing assets to other beneficiaries. Part of this interest goes to another beneficiary, such as the donor, their family members or other individuals.
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Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)

This irrevocable trust was created under the authority of the Internal Revenue Service and distributes a fixed percentage of its assets to a beneficiary, and, at the end of a fixed term, the remainder of the assets are transferred to a designated charitable organization.
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