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Our Process

1. Financial and Estate Planning Discovery Meeting


We ask questions and listen. You ask questions and we have a healthy dialogue to determine your dreams, needs, wants, and objectives.  Each prospective client’s priorities are different. We gather your valuable thoughts and organize them into a proprietary report used frequently in future meetings.


2. Financial and Estate Planning Meeting


After asking questions and listening to your answers, we take all that information, along with your financial statements (brokerage and retirement accounts) and any living trust or estate planning documents, and analyze all this information to formulate a comprehensive financial & estate plan. We then will revisit with you approximately two weeks after our first meeting to present a personalized financial & estate plan, in writing and customized for you. During this meeting we will explore all available types of accounts that will benefit your financial and estate plans.


3. Mutual Commitment Meeting


Should you decide to become a client, we provide you with a written individualized investment policy statement and with your approval, we then implement our recommendations in writing. During this meeting, which occurs approximately one week after the Financial & Estate Planning Meeting, we will complete all necessary paperwork to start the process of transferring your assets after a mutual agreement is signed by both parties.

4. Quarterly Meetings


Each quarterly meeting provides the firm and its advisors the opportunity to review with each client their own financial and estate plans. During these meetings, the firm’s advisors and clients work together to evaluate and monitor each individual’s financial goals and investment objectives.

5. Annual Meeting


These meetings will occur via phone or face-to-face, depending on your preference. We prefer each annual meeting to be in person. This is a specific review of your account(s) and a scheduled time to discuss any questions and/or concerns that you may have and provides us an opportunity to evaluate both your financial and estate plans, and to see if there are any adjustments or modifications needed in order to achieve the benchmarks outlined in the investment policy statement(s).

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